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Ten reasons to invest in branding

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

The whole branding thing can be a bit confusing. In "Marketingland", there are tons of definitions for what branding is.  A real favourite being, "it's your logo" or "it's your website". Actually, it’s not....or actually, part of it is...

Let's just forget everything you've heard before and start again. Okay? It's very simple -

Brand = Reputation

Branding Image

We all know how nice it is to have a good reputation, but are there specific reasons we should be investing in branding? Too right there are. We could write a 'Fifty Shades of Branding' hardback on why all your activity should be brand-led, but here’s some of the more compelling reasons:

Ten reasons you should be investing in Branding

1/ Brands make it easy for you customers to buy

Familiarity breeds contentment.  Buyers don’t need to rationalise the purchase nor go to the bother of seeking out alternatives.

2/ Brands allow you charge higher prices

Brands typically command higher rates over lessr known products or service.

3/ Brands make it easier for your salesforce to sell

If a customer knows your brand (and likes it!), your salespeople are going to have an easier time than the guy showing up with a new proposal.

4/ You’re building brand equity

“The intangible value of the brand is often much greater than the corporation’s tangible assets” - Wally Olins

Brand building is effectively the ongoing investment in your most valuable asset. (Apple $591b - $1.37t; Walmart $350b, Tesla $151b)

List of global brands
Your brand is your most valuable asset

5/ Strong brands attract business, without having to chase it

The reputation and integrity of the brand is already established. The Olympics don’t need to go searching for sponsorship. Neither does Formula One nor the NFL Super Bowl.

6/ Brands speed up the buying decision.

Familiarity means the customer will usually have fewer questions or none at all. Costly protracted buying processes are reduced or eliminated altogether.

7/ Brands set realistic expectations for customers.

With brands, the quality and consistency of quality is already known. No disappointing surprises. I know a Big Mac or Heinz Ketchup tastes pretty much the same the world over.

8/ Your brand is your key differentiator

Yes, you may have some advantage right now, but sooner or later your competitors will catch up.  The one thing they can’t match is your brand.  There are many cola drinks out there, but there’s only one Coke. Tons of sports brands but only one Nike.

Brand Differentiation
When other brands zig, you zag

9/ Customers are much more forgiving of brands

Every business, even the best screw-up from time to time. When people have a good relationship with your brand, they're more likely to give you that second chance.

10/ Brands make it easier to extend your range of products or services

Success breeds success. Do you think the iPhone or iPad would have had such rapid traction and been as successful had Apple launched them under a completely different brand name?

If you’re still reading this, now is the time to stop.

Go to work on your brand!


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