What if there was a branding agency that could plan your brand strategy and create your perfect image?

SHAPE is a leading Brand Development Agency based in Dublin, Ireland, working with local + international brands 

We know your brand is your reputation.  It's what your audience thinks and feels about you when they see your name.  We'll create the perfect brand image you need to grow your business and drive your long-term profits.

What We Do

With the right balance of strategy, creative and visual design, we develop and support strong, profitable brands.

Our team sustain powerful brands across a wide range of industries, especially pharmaceuticals, healthcare, life sciences, food & beverage, aviation and retailing. We work with existing, new, product, service, corporate, local and international brands. Wherever you are in your brand lifecycle, this branding agency has an exceptional range of services that'll help you succeed.

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brand development:


The process of improving a brand or improving customers' knowledge and opinions of a brand

                                                                                    Cambridge Dictionary

graphic design:


The art or profession of using design elements (such as typography and images) to convey information or create an effect



So, what is a Brand Development Agency?

A Brand Development Agency is essentially a mix between a brand consultancy and a traditional brand design agency.  Rather than simply providing short-term marketing campaigns or design projects, we work collaboratively over time supporting our clients on the major components of their brand in order to develop their long term commercial success. 

Investing in brand development with SHAPE means:

  • Clarity on your brand

  • A defined vision for the future

  • A brand plan that unifies the efforts of your people

  • No more time and money wasted on marketing that fails

  • Addressing the right audience with the right message

  • Consistency across all your brand touchpoints

  • Higher pricing with corresponding profits

  • Attracting higher quality employees

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Three Keys to Brand Success =

Image + Visibility + Experience (CX) 


Whatever challenges your brand is facing, your potential for success will depend on optimising your brand image, visibility and customer experience (CX).  These are the three intertwined keys to creating a strong competitive brand.  SHAPE has helped companies develop brands in Ireland and around the world since 2006.

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