Frequently asked questions

Does SHAPE handle printing?

Yes, we we can handle all your printing requirements and can even warehouse for you until you need it. In fact, we have our own digital print centre with the latest technology providing eye-popping colours and fine detailed images.

I can't see the wood for the trees when it comes to my brand. Can you help?

Of course. Firstly, please realise that you're not alone. Many business people find it hard to get visibility on their brands. Hardly surprising, considering they are so close to it every day. We know how to examine brands in an objective way. We know what to look for, what's important and whats not. That's why it's so important to conduct a brand audit. It will give you clarity on your brands current positio, how you compare with your competition and what opportunities you have. Its vital you know where you are, before deciding where you want to go and what you need to do to get there.

Branding is a confusing term, what do you mean by it?

It sure is confusing, as different representatives in the creative industry put their spin on its true definition. Your brand is your reputation. It's how people think and feel about you in their gut when they hear your name or see your logo. Everything you do to create the image of your brand is considered branding. Mostly we think of the visual elements like our name, logo, and website. These form part of our identity but our brand is a whole lot more. It goes as far as the product or quality of service we provide. The way we behave, sound and treat our customers. Every touchpoint your customer experiences will shape their opinion of your brand. Branding is the practice of matching how your audience perceives your brand with how you want them to perceive it.

Do SHAPE provide websites?

Absolutely we do. All of our website design is done on the Wix Platform. Wix is a multibillion dollar company and its website software is cutting edge and continually updated. When your site is signed off, we can hand it over to you or we can manage the ongoing development for you on a retainer basis

Do I get the original files from you when my project is signed off?

Our service is exactly that, a service. The methodology our designers put together your artwork is proprietary to SHAPE. When we quote your work, unless otherwise specified, we quote for delivery to you of a final hi-res PDF, website or a printed product. The original artwork remains our intellectual property. Just as you wouldn’t expect a restaurant chef to hand you over the ingredients, recipe and methodology after your meal, likewise, the original artwork files remain with SHAPE.

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