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Brand Strategists + Design Professionals Since 2006

SHAPE work with ambitious companies driving long-term profitable growth through our tailored brand development programme.

We're a strategic brand development and creative design agency based in Dublin, Ireland.  Our team is made up of skilled brand strategists, creative designers, project managers and support personnel and associates.  No assignment we work on is ever the same. That’s why we select and tailor the best possible team for you, depending on the specific requirements of your project.

"We’re neither puffed-up consultants, fancy-assed, self-absorbed designers nor tame keyboard jockeys.  We're business people just like you.  We see our professional work as always objective-first.  Creative design should support and deliver a solid brand strategy. Let’s diagnose before prescribing.”

                        Stephen Murphy, CEO, SHAPE


We're actually "poachers turned gamekeepers" 

Before establishing our brand agency, we worked in senior marketing roles as clients of some of Dublin and London's top design houses.  This experience gave us a deep insight into client-side requirements and role pressures.  With this knowledge, we felt we could do a better job in terms of effectiveness and client care. That's why we founded SHAPE Brand Development.


Have we succeeded?  Yes, we believe we have. 

But don't take our word for it – see what our clients say. You'll see a number of their testimonials on this site.

Every day brings a different challenge, and we bloody love it!

Designers sitting around
People at a Brainstorming meeting


Because our unique development services will grow your brand based on solid commercial principles. You don't engage an agency like SHAPE just because you want to look nicer. You hire us to improve your performance or fix the areas of your brand that aren't working.  It's our job to analyse what's wrong and provide you with the best solutions to succeed. When your brand succeeds, we succeed also. It’s why we treat your business as if it were our own.


Your brand image encompasses many elements - your name, logo, brochures, website, packaging, annual report, uniforms, signage, customer experience (CX), etc.  When these components blend together, they form the shape of your brand.  Our role is to ensure all your touchpoints appear consistent and align seamlessly to create that perfect shape...


The Shape of Your Brand.



SHAPE stands for.....

(Our gifted team drafted these principles and standards themselves. This is the code we work to and what we want to be known for.)

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Trust - We do what we say we do
Attitude - Always positive & always supportive
Effectiveness - It must matter, contribute and succeed
Empowerment - We work to help our clients excel in their role
Mission Icon


We support and advance the potential of great products, services and companies through our systematic brand development services. We help enterprises identify positioning opportunities and subsequently build appropriate solid and enduring brands.  We achieve this by retaining the most skilled, creative and avid branding practitioners on our teams.
Promise Icon


We promise that when you work with us, we'll treat your business as if it's our own.  Every project we deliver for you will be consistent with strengthening your brand.  We also promise you'll experience the highest level of client care every time we interact.
Positioning Icon


Whilst most agencies supply design-led services for their clients, our work is 100% brand-led.  Only when your positioning has been defined, and your brand strategy agreed, will our creative experts craft the shape of your new brand and all its consistent marketing touch-points

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