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Clonmel Healthcare

A progressive healthcare product provider, Clonmel Healthcare span mother & baby, pain relief and prescription medicines in their wide range of products for domestic and International Markets.

Brand Strategy, Packaging design, Advertising (press, digital, radio & TV), Art Direction, Graphic Design & Point of Sale. 


Rebrand: Strategy, Packaging, Web, Exhibition & Creative Ad Campaign; Digital and Press, Product Launch

Caldesene 10 Radio STEREO
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Rebrand, Packaging Design, Web Design, Consumer & Trade Advertising, Digital Ad Creation

Clonfolic Consumer Ad Campaign
New Clonfolic Packaging


Consumer Advertising & Marketing Campaign - Point of Sale, Digital Adverts

Digital Animated Advert

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Product Launch, TV & Radio Commercials, Press & Digital Creative Ad Campaign

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TV Commercial

We were looking for a branding agency with creative and innovative ideas to help us launch Easofen for children.  SHAPE immediately captured the essence of our brand and created the campaign based totally around the needs of our target audience i.e. Parents and their Children. The massive success of our launch is testament to the clear visual messaging resonating with our customers.

Samantha Doundoulakis, Marketing Manager


Press Ads: Creative Concepts, Consumer and Trade Advertising 

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